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Tel : 86 595 82912200
Fax : 86 595 88367575


      Wisson ceramics co., ltd. in Fujian province is the newly-built ceramic industrial garden zone. established in mar. of 2003, covering an area of more than 600mu with registered capital RMB 120 million.
      The company is mainly engaged in the building ceramic trade (including production of outer wall tile, archaized floor tile, split tile and top-grade polished tile) planning to introduce ten-odd first-class ceramic production lines in the world and build up the ceramic tile production base in Fujian province, having built up and put 7 production lines into operation.
      The company is one of 10 key project engineering in 2003 confirmed by the govemment of jinjiang, also the key project engineering in Quanzhou city, evaluated as the key engineering project of Fujian province in 2004. the company is the enterprise having experience and technology of cerarnic tile production for 21 year, has begun to produce and sell the archaized floor tile since 1995, and successively exported to a dozen of countries and areas such as USA, Britain, ltaly, Saudi Arabia, the united arab emirates, Kuwait, lsrael, Ukraine, etc., and is one of the earliest ceramic tile enterprises involving of the production and selling the archaized tile at home.
       The company is one of the ceramic tile enterprises contracting to accept maximum key projects at home, among which the National Great Theater (by the great hall of the people)with more than RMB 40 billion invested selected the archaized printed tile from this company.
        The company has established the special research and development centre, and entrusted the famous designers and designing institutes both at home and abroad to develop and design the tengda floor tile, thus enable tengda floor tile in a position to satisfy the high-gradation decoration demand of elaborate works projects and houses.

Wisson Ceramic Co.,Ltd  ADD:QianPu Industrial Area Cizao Jinjiang,Fujian,China.
TEL:86 595 82912200 FAX:86 595 88367575 E-mail:

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